Time PeriodEvent
Before the universeKnull exists in perpetual darkness and creates a symbiote from his shadow
Ancient TimesKnull battles gods including Thor who severs his head. The head becomes Knowhere.
Modern TimesKnull awakens and bonds with the Grendel symbiote on Klyntar. He seeks revenge.
2018Knull battles Venom and the Avengers on Earth. He is defeated but remains a cosmic threat.


Knull, a Marvel character from Earth 616
Knull, a Marvel character from Earth 616 / © Marvel

Knull is an ancient and powerful cosmic entity who existed before the Marvel Universe itself. Born into darkness, Knull manifested the first symbiote from his shadow and used it to slay celestial gods. For eons he rampaged through the cosmos, intent on plunging all creation into oblivion.

After a legendary battle with Thor, Knull was decapitated and his living head became Knowhere. Though dormant, Knull eventually reawakened and bonded with the primal Grendel symbiote, setting out to conquer the galaxy. In modern times, he came into conflict with Venom and the Avengers of Earth.

Despite being defeated, Knull remains an immortal threat lurking in the cosmos, commanding an army of symbiotes and seeking to consume all light. One of the most dangerous entities in the Marvel Universe, Knull’s origins stretch back to the beginning of time and his rage threatens all life as we know it.

Powers and Abilities

Knull Earth 616
Superhuman StrengthKnull possesses immense superhuman strength surpassing most cosmic beings.
Superhuman SpeedKnull can move at speeds exceeding mach 10, nearly instantaneously.
Superhuman DurabilityKnull can withstand attacks from Mjolnir and blows from Thor. Very hard to injure.
Symbiote CreationKnull can manifest symbiotes and control/influence their actions.
Dragon CreationKnull can create giant symbiote dragons under his control.
Darkness ManipulationKnull can generate and manipulate a dark destructive force.
ImmortalityKnull is immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Knull?

Knull is an ancient cosmic deity who is the god and creator of the symbiotes. He lives in the abyss of the Marvel universe and commands an army of symbiote dragons.

What are Knull’s powers?

Knull possesses immense strength, speed, and durability on a cosmic scale. He can manifest and control symbiotes, as well as generate a destructive dark force. Knull is also immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means.

What is Knull’s origin?

Knull has existed since before the creation of the current Marvel universe, born into a realm of perpetual darkness. He fashioned the first symbiote from his shadow and used it to kill celestial gods and destroy worlds.

What is Knull’s relationship to Venom?

Knull is the progenitor and divine creator of all symbiotes including Venom, Carnage, and Riot. However, Venom and his offspring have rebelled against Knull’s control.

Has Knull appeared in any Marvel movies?

No, Knull has not yet appeared in any Marvel Cinematic Universe films. He was introduced in the comics in 2018 and remains confined to the pages of Marvel comics for now.

What are some key Knull comic storylines?

Key Knull storylines in Marvel comics include his introduction in Venom (2018) by Donny Cates, his battle with Thor in King in Black (2020), and his confrontation with Venom in Venom Island (2020).

Is Knull still a threat to Marvel heroes?

Yes, while he has been defeated for now, Knull remains an immensely powerful cosmic entity who cannot be permanently killed. He still lurks in the abyss with his symbiote army, posing a major threat to Venom and other Marvel heroes.

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