Recently, Amazon has announced that Alexa, its virtual assistant, will soon be able to feature the voice of the actor Samuel L Jackson along with other celebrities.

According to Amazon, Samuel L Jackson will sing happy birthday, announce the weather, tell jokes, and much more. The user can also learn about Jackson by asking him about his particular interests and career. However, he can do everything that Alexa can, such as reminders.

Initially, you would have to say “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L Jackson” when the feature launches.
Samuel L Jackson is not the first celebrity to feature on Amazon’s Alexa, there are other celebs too, but the voices of previous celebrities were pre-recorded. Jackson has starred in some of the best movies, including Pulp Fiction, Shaft, The Avengers, and the Star Wars prequels.

At the Alexa event 2019, Amazon said that more celebrity voices would be added to Alexa in 2020. This feature was one of the many features that were announced at the event.


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